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The Sensational Radio Cabaret! features stories, comedy, music and uniquely curated advertisements for local businesses. 


If you are interested in being featured on our show, there are six categories you could submit to, follow the links below to learn how. Also check out our current episode themes for inspiration.

   Radio Plays 




Commercials for local businesses 

Acting roles in our radio plays (updated often for new roles)



Find your centre… 


Do you have an experience trying to find yourself and coming upon something different entirely? Maybe you have a funny anecdote about meditating or yoga? This episode we are exploring the journey to one’s heart, and the missteps along the way.


The world inside our minds… 


Have you ever thought something was happening and were just … wrong? Do you have a story about how your mind plays tricks on you? In this episode, we are discussing the worlds inside our minds, and how different they sometimes are from reality… 

Stories Less Spoken is dedicated to showcasing writers from all ethnicities, races, genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, classes, religions, national origins, and abilities. We also encourage artists who are currently in, or recovering from addiction, to work with us.

Radio Plays


Do you have a short story you would love to hear adapted for radio and performed? How about a real play that you think would sound great? 


We take submissions from authors all over BC and would love to read what you’ve got! 


Send us an email with your story to



At the Sensational Radio Cabaret! we like to feature unique and interesting ‘bits’ in our episodes, usually which match the theme of our current episode (but not always!). A bit usually runs anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and can employ all sorts of audio features like music and sound effects. 


You don’t need to make this yourself (but we will accept finished pieces), you just need to have the idea and want to work on it with us!


Bits can be funny, weird, musical, inspirational, kooky or anything in between. As long as it's original, we are open to hearing it. 


Do you have a great idea for a ‘bit’? We’d love to hear it! 


Send us an email to with your idea! 



Are you a BC comedian with a great comedy bit? We have space for 15 minutes on each episode open to local comedians looking to show their wares. Your piece can be from show that you have recorded (as long as the audio is good) or you can record in our home studio in the Fernwood area of Victoria.


If neither of those options work for you, get in touch anyways and we’ll see what we can work out!

Send us an email at if you think you've got something good!



Here at the Sensational Radio Cabaret!, we believe that everyone has a unique and important story to tell, and that’s why we include an intimate storytelling spot on each one of our episodes (in the style of Risk! or The Moth).


We accept submissions on our current storytelling themes (at the top of the page), but we also accept great stories anytime on any theme!


To pitch your story to us, send us an email at with the following information: 

Your story pitch in 200-300 words (What happened? Where were you? Why is it significant to you) 

Your name and where you are from



We are all about supporting local businesses and artists here at the Stories Less Spoken studio. 


For each episode, we offer two incredibly stylish commercials spots to local businesses at an affordable rate. Making these unique bits is a lot of fun! Each spot includes a consultation with our sound engineers who will work with you to come up with a great idea for a memorable commercial in the old radio style. 


We create a special sound bed for each customer and we also include a social media introduction to each business involved coming up to the episode air date. After the episode, the commercial is yours to keep in an Mp3 format and with a visual soundbite made for your social media pages. Listen below for an example of what we do.

Get in touch with us today to start planning your fantastic commercial!

Send us an email at

Brother Sea ProductionsSLS
00:00 / 02:10



There are no current auditions open for Stories Less Spoken, but there will be soon!

how to apply

First, choose one or more of the stories posted below that you would like to audition for.  

Send an email to with the subject line: Audition and the information below.



Where you live:

Which role (or roles) you would like to read: 

Performer bio (between 100-200 words, written in the third person):

Social media handles or website (if you like): 

Auditions are open to any performer who is currently living in British Columbia. 


As a note; we are working towards the larger goal of being able to have a great production where everyone can be compensated for their talents and time, but we just aren’t there yet. 


That being said, we want all the people involved in the production to know how much they are appreciated, and so we can offer space on our social media platforms to promote you, credit on IMDB, audio files of everything we do with you, and write references for your performance portfolio. 


We are also happy to discuss any other creative ways we can help or work with you.

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