What is #littlestoryseries ?

Little Story Series is like Stories Less Spoken's younger sibling. It's a project that we're passionate about that features (very) short stories and other literary themes written by BC authors. Some of these stories are then shared on our Instagram alongside original photos and a select few are performed in a bonus 'minisode'. Think of it as a nice little complement to our main podcast - an appetizer if you will. For information on our current theme and how to apply, look no further than down below!

Episode 2: The Spoken Word

Spoken word artists - now is your time to shine!

For our second episode of the Little Story Series, we will be featuring spoken word poetry read by its authors. We are seeking poems by BC-based writers that can be read in 3 minutes or less.

To apply, please send the following information to storieslessspoken@gmail.com:

- written copy of your piece

- mp3 audition of you reading your piece

- short bio

- pronouns

- age

- location

- social media links to other works (if applicable)

Deadline: March 18th

Ep.1: Quarantine Scenes

This past year has united us all in ways that no one could have predicted. Whether it's wearing a mask, waiting in line, cancelling travel plans, or standing 6 feet apart, the ongoing pandemic has changed our lives forever. That said, we believe that this bizarre moment in history has spawned some incredible stories and we wanted to keep record of it. For the very first episode of the Little Story Series, we captured a moment of life in a pandemic. 


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