We work with some pretty incredible people 

In the first season of Stories Less Spoken we featured over 50 Canadian authors and performers through ten regular episodes and our Little Story Series. 

You can find out more about the authors and actors for each episode below!

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Season One:


We Did Not Destroy Your Public Library, Susan Sanford Blades, performed by Andrea Scoretz

Garden Dreams, Kari Jones, performed by Katherine Pagett 


Crossing Over, Julie Paul, performed by Mark Mullan

Running with Salmon, Jim Bottomley, performed by Derek Peach

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Various Functions of Fire, Sharon McInnes, performed by Sally Campbell


Borders, Jude Morton, performed by Afarin Saadat


Wild Strawberries, Ulrike Narwani, performed by Elizabeth Hall

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Because Fall in in Two Weeks, Traci Skuce, From Hunger Moon, performed by Mitzi Akaha


Ashwin’s Rules, Tricia Dower performed by Geetanjali Trisal


Pest Control, Angela Caravan, performed by James Mills

Pennask Summit, Finnian Burnett, performed by Megan Greenwood


FEAR, written and performed by Lina Janeksi 


Little Things, Linnea Wiggers, performed by Aia Segal


Leandra, C.J. Papoutsis, performed by Jas Wong

And Here We Go, by Heather McLeod, performed by Joy Emerson 


Deucalion and Pyrrha, Molly Desson, performed by Ashlee Loney

But a Tiny Speck of Golden Sand, Rafael Nuncio, performed by  Muddy Watters

with guest hosts John Abboud and Jack Stanley


Jeni Gunn, author and performer, Fingerpaint Therapy 


Mel Dagg, author and performer, Over the Line 


A Day’s Work, Marlet Ashley, performed by Kim June Johnson 


Needs, Traci Skuce, performed by Melisa Devost  

The James Bay Cafe, written and performed by Cole Kelly