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Episode Nine

Finger paint therapy at a women’s prison doesn’t achieve the desired results and a chase ensues after a half blind man tries to escape the imprisonment of a retirement home.

Misty Road

Episode Eight

Some things in life are timeless. Whether it's a classic story that has been passed down for generations, or a prized possession with profound sentimental meaning, not everything is subject to the ravages of mortality.

Episode Seven

 A murder and a missing mother hold the key to the past while a family, in their last act of defiance against a terminal illness, travel over 21 thousand km across the country. 


Episode Six

Since the very start of Stories Less Spoken, we’ve wanted to produce an entire episode featuring young voices and the stories they have to tell.

Woodstove Festival

In the very first filming of Stories Less Spoken, we hear how all the world is in our mind…


Episode Five

Love can give us so much; heartaches, comfort, happiness, insanity, just to name a few. But like light creates shadow, so does love make empty space. 

Episode Four

Caring for and raising a child is an experience both unique and common. Life, and the nurturing of it, is a thread that ties us all.

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Episode Three

When jail or a retirement home is your only option, sometimes you need to burn your past to the ground and start again.

Episode Two

A furry fugitive and reflection at the Sooke River, Episode Two ventures into what we do when missing those we love.


Episode One

In the debut episode of Stories Less Spoken, a library burns and a garden is eaten...