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Episode 6: Young Voices

Since the very start of Stories Less Spoken, we’ve received stories and auditions from very talented young writers and performers in BC. We wanted to produce an entire episode featuring young voices and the stories they have to tell.

Linnea Wiggers, author, Little Things

Linnea Wiggers is a 15-year-old student from Nanaimo, BC and has been a lover of books and stories from a young age. In the last couple of years, she discovered she could write her own stories, and finds she enjoys it very much. Her short story, The Adventure of Arthur May, received an honourable mention in the 2019 Islands Short Fiction Contest. Another one of her stories, Charcoal, won second place in BC for the 2020 Youth Remembrance Contest put on by the Royal Canadian Legion. When she’s not writing or reading, Linnea can be found playing the piano, pondering the meaning of life, cuddling with her cat, Nessie, and singing along to musicals. Linnea is very happy to have been presented with the opportunity to share one of her stories and hopes you enjoy hearing it as much as she enjoyed writing it!


Performed by Aia Segal

Aia is a grade ten student at NDSS and lives in Nanaimo. She enjoys the ocean, the river and the forest in her home city, but has also spent many years living and travelling abroad and has dual citizenship to Israel and Canada. Some of her favorite trips have been to Australia, France and Mexico. She speaks several languages and hopes to go to McGill university. She is part of ND’s musical theatre program and played Tanya in the 2020 production of Mamma Mia. She is passionate about LGBTQ+ representation and social justice, and hopes to have a career in international human rights law in the future. She is super excited about this opportunity to narrate for Stories Less Spoken. When not writing or reading, you will probably find Aia at the piano, in the kitchen or rapping the Hamilton soundtrack.


Lina Janeski, author and performer, Fear

Lina Janeski is a thirteen year old writer, actress, and musician from Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island.  She enjoys writing short stories, songs, and screenplays. Her play Alice in Covidland recently placed second in the Echo Players youth playwriting contest. Lina began acting at the age of 8 and instantly knew she had found her passion.  She has continuously been honing her craft both on the stage and screen. Around the same time, she got her first ukulele and quickly became immersed in the world of music and songwriting.  Lina gets most of her inspiration from nature and the world around her and she loves exploring new places. She is fuelled by her love of adventure.

Instagram: @linajaneski