Stories Less Spoken is a podcast featuring short stories from BC writers, read by local performers. We are looking for storytellers who can bring great energy and passion to our project.

Here’s How You Audition:


Send an email to with the subject line: Audition. In your email please include the information below. We will then send you a script and instructions on how to audition for us.



Where you live:

Which story you are reading for:

Performer bio (between 100-200 words, written in the third person):

Stories Less Spoken is dedicated to showcasing performers from all ethnicities, races, genders and gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, classes, religions, national origins, and abilities. We want to create a diverse and inclusive platform for artists and we welcome you to let us know if you identify as part of an underrepresented community.

DEADLINE: March 7th


Auditioning for the podcast


Thanks for Applying!​

The Rules:


Auditions are open to any performer currently living in British Columbia. 


We aim to capture an authentic performance by recording the stories from start to finish in one sitting.


Performers will read from scripts, but we will not be doing any major edits to the final reading


As a note; we are working towards the larger goal of being able to have a great production where everyone can be compensated for their talents and time, but we just aren’t there yet. 


We want everyone involved in the production to know how much they are appreciated, and so we are happy to promote you and your work on our social media platforms. We can also provide audio files of everything we do with you, and write references for your performance portfolio. 


We are also happy to discuss any other creative ways we can help or work with you.